Corsair K95 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Gaming components Corsair has created some amazing computer components such as RAMs, Power Supply Units, CPU coolers and so much more. They just recently moved to another niche, and that is the gaming peripherals niche.

Today, we are going to take a look at a much-awaited upgrade to the already famous corsair gaming mechanical keyboard. I am referring to the Corsair K95 RGB Mechanical Keyboard.

The Corsair K95 is the successor to the K90 keyboard. What is the difference between the two? Well, the original K90 is already amazing, but users report and complained about the keys themselves. They were asking why the Corsair K90 does not have a full mechanical key switch layout. Some keys (like the Function keys) on the K90 are not mechanical.

Corsair, much to the fans’ delight, listened to their complaints and has rectified the issue, thus, they created the new Corsair K95. This is a fully mechanical keyboard, which means every single key is powered by a Cherry MX Switch. You can choose three MX Cherry switches according to your preferences. They are Blue, Brown and Red. If you want to type more using the keyboard, the Blues and Browns are the preferred options. If you will use the keyboard solely for gaming purposes, then the Cherry MX Red should be the one you should choose.

Other than a fully mechanical layout, the Corsair K95 also has an RGB lighting scheme. You can choose up to 16.8 million colors! You can create profiles, or you can choose profiles from the internet and import them using the Corsair Utility Engine. Every setting that you need to tweak is on the CUE software.

It also comes with a detachable wrist rest for added comfort during prolonged gaming sessions. And let’s not forget, this keyboard was made for MMO gamers in mind. So, the K95 also has 18 programmable G-keys! Create Macros, or program the G keys to launch multiple applications with just one keypress!

It also has a 1000MHz polling rate for the 1s response time. This is perfect for gamers who want precision and speed at the same time. As far as the build construction is concerned, the Corsair K95 is made of Aircraft-grade black anodized brushed aluminum. It really looks amazing especially with the RGB lighting scheme.

Is the Corsair K95 a great mechanical keyboard? Let’s find out by looking at some of the customer reviews:

Timmy: “The Corsair K95 is a premium keyboard. It has an RGB lighting scheme, the build construction is solid and not flimsy, the keyboard has full mechanical key switches, and it also comes with a wrist rest. The only problem I have with this keyboard is its heavy and it does take up so much space. Other than that, this keyboard is a really good one.”

Kirk: “I used to be a guy that doesn’t want to use a mechanical keyboard because its expensive and it was just probably all hype. But, a friend gave me this K95 for Christmas and I never want to come back to a membrane keyboard ever again! The feel of a mechanical switch is just so amazing, and I can really see the difference while I am gaming. Plus, I really love the RGB lighting on this keyboard; it blends w ell with the black design of the mechanical keyboard. If you have the money, definitely buy this one because I am sure that it will be worth it!”

The Corsair K95 RGB Mechanical keyboard is a little bit on the pricey side. This keyboard retails at $180. Still, for the price, you get a fully mechanical keyboard, a solid build construction, and an RGB lighting scheme. You can never go wrong by buying this keyboard!